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Narcotic Substances Act

You have received a criminal charge, now what? –I also act as your capable defence counsel for violations of the Narcotic Substances Act. The consumption of narcotics (e.g. cannabis, cocaine, heroin, LSD etc.) is not a criminal offence in and of itself. Punishable offences are all actions before and/or afterwards, such as: purchase possession cultivation…
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Juvenile Criminal Law

Criminal defence lawyer for juvenile criminal law – as an expert in juvenile criminal law in Vienna, I undertake the defence of young people in court. As a criminal defence lawyer I know that the options for achieving the release of a young person from custody are much higher than in the case of adult…
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Law Governing Sexual Offences

Your experienced criminal defence lawyer regarding sexual offences – in the last few years, the law governing sexual offences has been gradually tightened: the steady increase in new offences has led to a continual rise in prosecutions with growing challenges for the defence. Protecting the fundamental rights of the defence is therefore in diametrical tension…
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