Juvenile Criminal Law

Criminal defence lawyer for juvenile criminal law – as an expert in juvenile criminal law in Vienna, I undertake the defence of young people in court.

As a criminal defence lawyer I know that the options for achieving the release of a young person from custody are much higher than in the case of adult perpetrators: the juvenile suspect is given the benefit of the doubt due his/her age-related immaturity, which has led him/her to “stumble” into criminal behaviour.

Considerations of the future are essential: does the young person have the prospect of a job or apprenticeship after his/her possible detention? Is there the possibility of therapy in the case of drug abuse? However, the past also plays an important role: has the young person been charged previously or is this the first time he/she has been involved in criminal activity?

For clients in custody, the decisive factor and precondition for all steps I take as a defence counsel for juvenile criminal law is the question of the reasons for which the court has detained a perpetrator:

  • danger of collusion
  • danger of absconding
  • danger of recurrence

Roland Friis
- Your criminal defence lawyer for juvenile criminal law in Vienna -