My strengths:

1Many years of experience as a defence counsel in criminal matters.
My expertise has already led to countless successes in the most diverse of cases. With my experience you are in the best possible hands.
2 Quick action – I am always here for you.
You can contact me at any time and I will help to arrange a prompt release from custody or provide urgent help in the case of house searches. I give my full commitment to defending my clients.
3 I act solely as a criminal defence lawyer on your behalf.
I have specialised as a criminal defence lawyer and can therefore offer professional and highly efficient assistance. You are represented by an expert with invaluable experience.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Roland Friis from Vienna

In order for you to establish an even fuller impression of Criminal Defence Lawyer Roland Friis, you can find information from his CV here:


- Born and raised in Vienna, divorced
- Attended school in Währing, Vienna and finished school education in 1989 having completed his Matura qualification
- Volunteered in the Austrian Armed Forces
- Trained as military sniper with the Jagdkommando Company Vienna Neustadt (Austrian Armed Forces Special Unit), served at Border Control, worked as an instructor in Vienna

- Seven years active experience as a detective with a focus on the procurement of evidence in criminal matters
-  Judicial intern (Rechtshörer) in criminal matters at Hernals District Court
- Graduated with a degree in law from the University of Vienna in 1999
- Passed concession examination to become a private investigator in 1999
- Several years’ experience as candidate lawyer in Vienna
- Passed bar examination in Vienna in 2005 with excellent results (Passed the criminal law written examination with distinction)
- Completed all seminars required for entrance into the Legal Academy
- Private Criminal Defence Lawyer since April 2006
- Advisor in Criminal Law for the Austrian Association of Detectives (ÖDV)
- Attended seminar “The Amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure” (Die Novellierung der Strafprozessordnung) in 2008