Narcotic Substances Act

You have received a criminal charge, now what? I also act as your capable defence counsel for violations of the Narcotic Substances Act.
The consumption of narcotics (e.g. cannabis, cocaine, heroin, LSD etc.) is not a criminal offence in and of itself.

Punishable offences are all actions before and/or afterwards, such as:

  • purchase
  • possession
  • cultivation
  • sale
  • import and export
  • production/ manufacture
  • supply

Because it is practically impossible to “only” consume a narcotic substance without having had the substance in one’s possession (at least during consumption), merely consuming a narcotic substance does lead to prosecution.

As a defence counsel in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, in the case of a violation of the Narcotic Substances Act I recommend consenting to a place in therapy.

Consent to a place in therapy is defined as written consent to attend a recognised drug treatment facility, such as the organisation B.A.S.I.S or Grüner Kreis. A commitment of this kind is particularly sensible in the case of clients in custody.

Roland Friis
- Your criminal defence counsel for violations of the Narcotic Substances Act -